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New Hive Home webshop launched

As part of one of its largest projects to date, Purepoint has helped Hive successfully launch its new webshop redesign.

Managing and directing a large number of teams during the development process, Purepoint called upon its ever reliable Agile development and was able to map out a direct and intricate plan of action.

Working on the tightest of deadlines, transparency and understanding are crucial between all team members and stakeholders, and a clear communication system and feedback loop was critical throughout all stages of the project.

Thanks to Purepoints “remote first” model with crucial team members across the globe, work was able to flow on a continual and near 24 hour basis.

After successfully delivering the project both on time and without issue, we received great customer feedback and responses to the redesign.

What’s more, Hive tied the work together with a television and billboard advertising campaign that was seen internationally.

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