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AVA, our 'Software Director' launches

As part of a new strategy, Purepoint is today launching AVA, its ‘digital director’.

One of the most unique and groundbreaking tools of its kind, AVA is going to help Purepoint revolutionise its internal processes and systems, streamlining workflow and communication channels between projects.

Compiling work information and data between individual developers and projects, the system can accurately track and evaluate the health of a project based on deep analysis.

Purepoint plans to introduce AVA throughout the company before elevating it to client facing roles over the next few years.

Purepoint has long been interested in the relationship between the human mind and machines and AVA augments the connection between the two, helping to create a process system of unrivalled capabilities.

If you would like to know more about how AVA will be developing throughout the next few years, and how it might help your company and future software projects, check out AVA’s dedicated page, here.

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