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Software-driven companies are the future.

Like the industrial revolution did, the information revolution is rapidly changing the entire business landscape. Hardware continues to become a commodity. Workers are increasingly interconnected and asynchronous. Machine Learning and AI hold vast possibilities. Software is becoming ever more important to the everyday process of business. Companies that do not embrace software as a truly core part of their solutions will eventually fall behind.

But, software, like the industrial machines that came before it, is only a tool. We understand that. Companies are looking to solve a problem. They are driven by people and processes. Thus, it is vital to get the right tool for the right reasons, and to enable it to work in harmony with these people and processes.

As companies tend to engage in very specific practices, half of the challenge of delivering value through software is understanding the underlying business needs, customers and market it operates in.

We put this process right at the core of our company. Many software companies get caught up on technology itself or a checklist of features rather than striving to genuinely understand the underlying business needs. The clear majority of customers are great at identifying their problems and explaining it within the context of their own industry, but they need support establishing digital strategies to solve these problems and achieve their goals. By guiding our customers, we help them avoid spending time and resources on building and buying the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

Our goal is always to help our customers get closer to becoming truly software-driven.

We define a software driven company as:

  1. The company’s software adds significant, tangible value.
  2. They are perpetually improving their solutions, and software is an intrinsic cost of staying competitive.
  3. Software is used to help abstract away anything not in the company’s core goal, and to deliver their core goal more effectively.

So, our ideology goes far beyond the bounds of simply building and selling software and services. It treats software as a small, but powerful part of a larger picture. By taking on this point of view it helps our customers and Purepoint truly understand each other and deliver value far into the future.

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QCon London is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative.

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