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How we operate

Purepoint operates in a very different way to most companies.

We’re what we like to call a ‘Cloud Company’ - remote-first and spanning 15 countries.

We’re a company of few meetings and even fewer organisational structures. Our main goal of organisational flatness is to avoid unnecessary headcount creep. If Warren Buffet can manage Berkshire Hathaway with 25 people, we can manage software projects for our customers in a similar way.

Productivity is a very personal thing. So, we do not believe that putting our team members in a room together for 40 hours per week is the best way for us to deliver value to our customers. In fact, we are big believers in Parkinson’s law:

“Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”

We follow a very different set of rules. Instead of tracking everything by the hour or day, we measure the performance indicators our customers care about; the quality and speed of our work and its direct impact upon their business. We try to let our employees act autonomously and allow them to take on responsibilities and different roles in different projects. We trust our employees; they’re the best in the industry. We let them pick their own hours, their own holidays and their own working environments. We try and understand the emotional and psychological side of teams, rather than thinking of people as ‘resources’.

For some team members, or customers, a traditional 9-5 routine based in-office still works best. But for others working from their home office in California or getting lost in the challenge of cracking a complex problem late at night is how they’re most productive.

We pride ourselves on understanding each member of our teams and using our judgement about how they are performing, improving and delivering.

Lastly, but by no means least, believe in staying lightweight and favouring automation and process wherever possible. The software market is aggressive and fast moving. As companies grow they tend to follow a similar pattern of expanding offices, new departments and more support staff. We think there are better ways to operate. With software-driven processes our teams can work asynchronously without the need for excessive overheads.

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