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IoT Foundry

Over the past 5 years our IoT Foundry has worked with industry leaders to deliver countless IoT solutions to market

We know how to take hardware into the cloud.

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Connecting software & hardware

With our unparalleled IoT software expertise, we’ve faced your problem before.

IoT Vision


One of the most challenging areas in the IoT, we offer a range of services and expertise around live video systems.

IoT Climate


Purepoint helps over a million people come home to a warm home.

IoT Security


User data and customer trust are absolutely vital in their own homes. We place this at the centre of our solutions.

IoT Voice


We're expert in virtual assistant integrations like Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

IoT Middleware


From AWS to IBM, Purepoint has experience in building and maintaining IoT middleware systems.

IoT Integrations


Interoperability in IoT is a huge issue for consumers. We're experienced in breaking down those barriers.

IoT Analytics


IoT and Smart Home systems process a huge amount of data. But transforming that data into insights requires domain experience.

IoT Apps


From iOS and Android Native through to React Native, we've spent years developing IoT specialised applications.


API design

IoT is all about interaction, so APIs sit right at their core. We have years of experience designing and implementing robust APIs.

The Industry of Things (IoT) is growing on a daily basis and encapsulates a whole range of tools and technologies that interact with or are controlled by the internet.

For businesses with an eye on the future, we can help provide a range of new approaches and uses for development, data, and information architecture.

Purepoint have delivered a vast array of IoT services, with hundreds of thousands of man hours spent building domain knowledge. Our IoT software solutions are currently in use in over a million households, and we’ve been on the edge of this industry for over 5 years.



With full transparency, we build understanding of your needs and objectives.



Taking a project by the horns, we actively monitor and guide workflow from start to finish.



Liaising with stakeholders on a continual basis, we provide seamless handovers.

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